We do our best to make the gospel accesable, relateable and enjoyable for all ages with a variety of ministries, programs and ministry opportunities.

Weekly Worship


Every Sunday is a great day for us to come together as a church family and offer up our praises and worship to our amazing God.  With a dynamic service that can be enjoyed by all ages from any walk of life, we would love to ectend this invitation for you to join us and find out about the Saviour we are all so excited to talk about each Sunday morning.

WOW (Women of Worth)


We believe that God created women to be of great worth to the world and to bear the image of His perfect love and comapssion to the world, and as such seek to provide them with an understanding and knowledge of just how important they are to God's plan for the world.  WOW meet in the auditorium at Jacksonville United Baptist Church from 9:45am-11:15am. Nursery provided (ages 0-2) and Awana Cubbies (ages 3 & 4).

Life Groups


Several small groups have met over the years at JUBC. 

However we recently launched "Life Groups" with the intent that many more people will find connection and grow spiritually. If you are not part of a group, we encourage you to speak to Pastor Todd. 



UTurn is our Junior and Senior High Youth meeting that takes place every Sunday night at 6:15 - 8:15 PM during the school year.  We meet together and have a great time having fun together in the name of Jesus. We seek to take faith and live it where God has placed us, in our schools, homes, jobs and everywhere that we are lead.



Children's Ministry is alive and well here at JUBC. We would love to have your entire family involved. We take pride in what we offer for children and families and invite you to check us out on a Sunday morning, during the week or for a special event.



We follow a God that is willing to listen. So what are some of the reasons that we do not pray? Fear? Busyness? Resentment? Inexperience? Uncertainty? Independence? Something else? There can be many reasons ... Will you put yours aside today and speak with God? 



We believe that God has called us out into the world to bring his Kingdom to earth through loving and serving others.  God has given us so much more then we deserve, and so we seek to pass along his amazing generosity and mercy by sharing it with a world in desperate need of more love.  Whether it be missions in a far away land, or just down the street, we seek to love God by loving others.