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Local and Global


Our local Atlantic Baptist Women (formerly Women's Missionary Society) is a group of ladies who meet on the second Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August. Our group is one of the 210 groups in Atlantic Canada who are under the umbrella of the United Baptist Women's Missionary Union (UBWMU). 

Our purpose is to partner, serve, learn, and grow. We do this through prayer, giving - both of time and finances, special projects and keeping informed of our Missionaries who serve under the Canadian Baptist Ministries Organization. 

Ladies of all ages and life stages are invited to join us. Please watch for place, date , and time on the Jacksonville Baptist Church Community Calendar. You may also access more information by calling our office and asking to be put in touch with Katheryn Ketch or Gail Reid.

For more information on who we are, our vision and mission statements, and much more, please visit our website at

To learn more about our missionaries and Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) please visit


Dominican Republic Short Term Mission

An annual short term mission trip that gives the opportunity to show God's love to the people of the Dominican Republic. We provide resources, labour, love, and pastoral care to support many people in the DR.


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