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There are a number of ways you can access our Livestream each week This page contains links to Youtube and Facebook feeds. You can also choose to watch it directly from here. Choose your favourite platform. We welcome you to join us.

Worship @ JUBC

What is God all about? Why do we or don't we go to church? What is all the fuss about?  Those are legitimate questions many people have.

At Jacksonville, we gather on Sundays not because we have it all together but because we do not. We are a growing community and often have people check out church for a week or several weeks. Why not become one of them? Walk in either door at the front of the building and a friendly greeter will point you to the Worship Center. We won't ask you to stand and identify yourself. Just come in and and get comfortable.  We have a safe place where your children (infants or older) can go and enjoy age targeted activities during the service, or you can keep them with you if you'd rather.

Our services start at 10:30am every Sunday and are over around 11:50. We start with a friendly welcome to all and a few songs. You can sing along or just listen, although we do pray that you will find a way to meaningfully engage. Later on you will hear a message that is intended to help you make sense of life from a Biblical perspective and apply these teachings to your everyday life, whether you are new to all this church stuff or a seasoned follower of Jesus.

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