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What We Believe

The Bible is God’s authoritative Word to all humans.  


God has revealed Himself to all people as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; one perfect, holy, eternal God.  


Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, born of a virgin; crucified for our sins and risen from the dead.  


The Holy Spirit is given to all believers at conversion and empowers & guides them in all things.  


All humans are created in God’s image, but because of their rebellion against God stand in need of salvation.  


Salvation is God’s free gift, an expression of His love & grace, and is given to all who profess Jesus as Lord.   


Believers have direct access to God in prayer and are called to obey and serve him.  

Satan is real and opposes God in the lives of people, He is a defeated enemy.  


Jesus Christ will return to earth someday to usher in the era of eternity; all believers in Jesus will be received into Heaven, while all others punished in Hell.  


Jesus Christ is the head of the church, both local churches as well as all believers globally. 


The Local Church is the place where believers worship and engage in fellowship with each other.  


Believers demonstrate their faith in Christ both through baptism and the Lord’s Supper. 

For a fuller expression of these statements, please download our Full Doctrinal Statement 

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