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About Jacksonville Baptist

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We are a congregation that first and foremost believes that Jesus is the Son of God and is actively at work in our lives. We show his love through ministering to the needs of people both locally and abroad. 

Our members strive to show the love and compassion of Christ in our daily lives and through acts of service in the community. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, available to anyone regardless of background or circumstance.

We aren't perfect. We make mistakes. But we know that Jesus came to die for us on the cross and rise again and because of that sacrifice we are new people in Him! 

What about kids? Where do they fit in? Families with young kids? For an excellent perspective on this we direct you to a Blog Post outside of this site written by a mother of four, and now grandmother of two, on just this subject. 



We are a church that takes seriously our responsibility to serve our community. We are not a private's members club, but an open door and caring community. We would love to meet you. Come check us out this Sunday. No pressure, but we think you just may discover a place where you can connect and learn God's place in your life.
This local assembly of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ was organized November 21, 1860 and is known as the Jacksonville Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. Much has changed since then, but the important thing that remains is the fact that we are still a community that loves Jesus Christ and seeks to place Him above all else in our lives.

We are affiliated with other churches through the Northwestern Association of Baptist Churches, covering Carleton and Victoria Counties. We are connected across our region through the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, a fellowship of close to 500 churches in all 4 Atlantic Provinces; and nationally as well. 

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