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Meet The Team

Todd MacLeod

Todd recently wrapped up his ministry at Jacksonville Baptist Church and has joined the staff at Crandall University in Moncton.

To learn about his new position at Crandall visit


Todd came to Jacksonville in 2008 to serve as Administrative Pastor. In 2012 he became the Lead Pastor with emphasis on prayer, preaching, teaching and vision/leadership. His ministry outside the “4 walls” includes coaching and encouraging pastors and church leaders in vision, governance and strategic planning; as well as teaching young leaders.


His wife Karyn is a music teacher in Woodstock. They married on a Friday evening in 1991 and on Saturday evening were in the Old Boston Gardens watching the Montreal Canadians beat the Bruins! (Yes, they did stuff Karyn wanted to do). Their oldest daughter Amanda is studying to be an elementary teacher like her Mom, while Jenna is graduating from Woodstock High in 2017 and heading to University in the fall.


Todd and Karyn love it in Jacksonville where they continue to reside and that’s saying a lot; Todd has lived in Miramichi (twice), Fredericton, Saint John, Ottawa, Vancouver, Wolfville, Hampton and Moncton (a few times). Most of that was before he wisely married Karyn and settled down. He also loves his truck and Husky chainsaw (hoping that qualifies him at least for “Honorary Carleton County” status!).


We are grateful for the ministry he had with our church family for many years and are excited to see how God works in and through him in his new role. 

Administrative Assistant
Sonia Burpee

Sonia has been in the front office since 2007 to not only answer our phones but to welcome those who come through our doors. No matter how busy the pastors make her, she always has time to brighten up your day and help you with your inquiry.


Sonia and her husband Terry have a son, Devin, who she claims is their own personal computer technician and would be totally lost without him (not to mention have a really, really, REALLY messed up computer). 


Sonia enjoys reading (with Anne McCaffrey as her favourite author), is a fan of Marvel (DC is OK, I suppose) and has a new found interest in making and canning unusual recipes (like Coffee Jelly, Monkey Butter and Rhubarb Candy). 

151_WellwoodExt copy.jpg

Interim Lead Pastor
Stephen Page

Stephen joined the Jacksonville family in 2011. We gave him the somewhat boring title of Associate Pastor. What that meant is that he gave leadership to our connections ministries including youth and worship. Speak to him for a while and you will find a deep optimism for the church in our time as we passionately follow Jesus’s call to make disciples of every nation- beginning right here in our local area and continuing into the rest of the world – connecting people to God, to one another, to ministry and to mission. He is currently serving as our Interim Lead Pastor.


 Stephen spent a number of years in camping ministry and some would argue that he never really let go of the kid inside – it is unlikely that Stephen would dispute that statement. He is not known for having the cleanest office in the world – seriously, swing by and check it out sometime – but contrary to popular belief, he claims he knows where everything is.


God has blessed Stephen and his wife Becky with four beautiful children (Kalia, Lilyana, Laney and Russell) who provide a great deal of joy to their family! They enjoy doing many outdoor pursuits like canoeing, cross country skiing rock climbing and just about anything else – IF it’s out doors! He also enjoys making maple syrup with family and friends, snowboarding, riding motorcycles, fly fishing and being far away from modern conveniences and calling that “camping”.

Assistant Pastor (Connections and Worship)
Donnie MacDougal

Donnie joined our staff in 2017 as the Assistant Pastor with specific focus on connection ministry and worship ministry. He has a strong calling to see the church be unified and effective in drawing the local community to faith in Christ.


He is in his 19th year of full time ministry serving as a youth pastor and senior pastor. He graduated with a B.A. in religion from Kingswood University in Sussex, NB and has been ordained since 2010.


God has blessed Donnie with a wonderfully patient wife, Stephanie, and two “energetic” sons, Liam & Eli and his sweet daughter Nora. His interests include hockey, cats, music and collecting nostalgic stuff from his childhood.


His icons include C.S. Lewis, Johnny Cash, Doug Gilmore, Spiderman, Batman, Oprah Winfrey, Captain Picard and Dwight K. Schrute…but his hero is Sonia! Why not get in touch with Donnie to learn what there is in store for our church family and community.

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