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Hey, you made it!:)

Welcome to our online stop for young adults.

Yeah, you.  We were hoping you would drop by. We wanted to make sure that we as a church had a spot just for you: the in betweener... you don't quite fit into the teaching in our children's and youth ministries anymore, and while you could probably enjoy our Senior's Luncheon's, you are way to busy finding out who you are at the bottom of a large caramel macchiato (with 2 extra shots of expresso) and dealing with the day to day grind of young adult life.


Let's face it.  Adulting is fun, confusing, awesome, terrifying, enlightening, interesting, and so much more all at the same time.  That's why we have partnered with other churches and have put together some times and places for you to hang out with other people just starting to figure out this adulting thing, with a sprinkle of wisdom and sometimes 2 extra shots of practical advice from the Bible.


If you are 18-30 years of age (give or take), you are invited to get together each month for food, fun, and fellowship.  No strings attached. Time and place to be announced.

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