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The past years we partnered with THE BOWERY MISSION to serve in New York City. Watch the videos below as we tell you how God used us each day of the missions trip.

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Dominican Republic 2020

Day 1: February 28th Our team has landed after a LONG - and I mean long - trip down south. However! They made it safe and sound and are excited to get serving.

Day 2: February 29th Our team took the day to settle in and see some of the communities in which they'll be working.

Day 3: March 1st Our team got the chance to finally get involved and see a bit of what they'll be doing for the week. They experienced local church - and loved it - and are excited to continue work for the rest of the week.

Day 4: March 2nd Our team got a taste of what it's like serving in the DR. Working thru translators and in ministry they get to experience what true servitude is like.

Day 5: March 3rd "Snow" day!! Who knew that school could be cancelled because of the rain. Because of this the team got to see a few sights around the DR.

Day 6: March 4th Stephen makes a rare but welcome appearance IN FRONT of the camera to speak about the day. The team spent some down time in the ocean and are, quite frankly, falling IN LOVE with the kids in their VBS!

Dominican Republic (Future)
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