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Joining God in transforming lives by connecting people to Him, with Others, into Service, and onto Mission.

Everything that we do is to connect. We do not include connecting in what we do… we connect. That’s it. That is why we exist. We believe that people are created to connect with God and other people. We were created by a relational God to live in relationships.  

Connecting people from all points along the spiritual journey…

…the unchurched, searchers, occasional regulars, weekly ‘attenders’, and “growing believers.



…hurting people, lonely people, discouraged people; 

…people new to church and people who have been around for many years.


Connecting people to…

 …the God of hope; 

…”belonging” relationships;

… a life of purpose and deep joy!

C1= Connecting People to God. 

This is a vision where many people experience the transforming power of the Gospel.



C2= Connecting People with Others.

In a connecting church people will begin to feel at home, will feel a sense of belonging. Nobody has to feel connected to everybody. But everybody needs to feel connected to a few others.



C3= Connecting people into Serving.

We challenge people to serve, not primarily because we need volunteers to run our programs. We challenge people to serve primarily because each of us needs to serve in order to grow and to connect with others. We become most like God when we do what God made us to do!



C4= Connecting people onto mission.

At Jacksonville, we will continue to lead as a fully engaged, feet on the ground, glocally-minded church living on the “mission-edge”. Not “local, then global”, not “local, and maybe global”, not “global cause its fun to travel”… but GLOCAL- Global and Local. 


As God leads, we will continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever God calls us: 

  • Among the churches and their communities in the Dominican Republic, training their pastors, equipping women, and building churches;  

  • Building up children and families in Belize;

  • Coming alongside the young and old alike at Harvest House in Woodstock;

  • Serving as vital partners in the year-round ministry of Camp Shiktehawk; 

  • Providing for families in our own local community who struggle to survive on a daily basis.


And with all those people we seek to connect them to the God of Hope, whose glory is revealed in those who seek Him.

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