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Storm Notice Information

Winter 2021- 2022

Jacksonville Baptist Church

We live in Canada. Winter storms can be expected about 9 months of the year. Enough said! Here is what happens at JUBC when those storms hit on the weekend.


1. Sunday Morning Groups (9:30 am - When Applicable) - since it is earlier in the morning, and often we are still sorting out what the next few hours will bring, Sunday Morning Groups may be cancelled. This includes - Kids Connect, Sunday Morning Breakfast, and Adult Small Groups. 


2. Worship Service- normally, even with a lot of snow, the doors will be open for worship for 10:30am as usual. It is hard to know “how much snow is enough snow” to cancel. Everybody has their own personal threshold. So we leave it up to you. In even the heaviest snow, when many other churches were cancelled, we have never had less than 100 people out in a storm. This means many people ventured out, and many people chose to stay at home. So you choose.  


3. What if I am serving that morning? Your only factor in deciding to attend or not is your safety and comfort level in travelling in those conditions. Several times we have adjusted our service in a storm to reflect the fact that Worship Team Members, or Nursery Workers, or Children’s Church workers, etc. did not make it. That has never been a problem. It has always worked out one way or the other. Everybody who heads out in a storm shows lots of grace if we don’t have our usual level of ministry/ support services. 


4. Freezing Rain- this is a different animal, creating driving and walking hazards unlike with even a lot of snow. Frankly, this is why the service on December 18, 2016 was cancelled. All forecasts were for several hours of freezing rain leading up to 11am. 


5. How do I know for sure? Whenever weather is questionable, notices for Sunday Morning Groups (When Applicable) will be posted by 8:15am; and for worship by 9:00am (if not also posted at 8:15). These notices will make clear the plans for the morning. These notices will be posted on:


6. Our JUBC FaceBook group and page sites.


7. Our church website.


Help each other- if you do not have internet, call someone who does to find out what’s up. If you do, call someone who doesn’t have it, and let them know.


Questions may be directed to Pastor Todd or to an elder.

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