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UTurn Missions seeks to create opportunities for youth to serve in the name of Jesus in ways that may push them outside of what they would typically encounter in an average day at home. We are excited to be planning a trip in 2024 for teens and adults to serve side by side with our ministry partners in the Dominican Republic. 

THE PRIMARY PURPOSE behind partnering with our DOMINICAN MISSION TEAM in this way is to create opportunity for families (Parents and teens, grandparents and teens, trusted adults and teens, to serve side by side in ministry. This is the first time we are attempting a trip of this nature.

We are intentionally asking that each teen participating is traveling with and serving alongside a Parent/guardian/trusted adult in their life. We recognize that opportunities like this are expensive, and asking families to travel together increases that. We will be engaging in ongoing fundraising to keep the cost of the trip as low as possible for families and to contribute to the ministry in country as well.  

For more information on being a part of this Mission Opportunity Please check out our

Continue scrolling to see videos of our 2020 trip to the DR where we joined with our long term ministry partners in a similar way.

When do you go on the mission?

January 5th - January 12th, 2024 are our anticipated dates. These may be required to be shifted by a day or two either way to accommodate available flights and airport travel arrangements.


Where do we serve?

We will be serving in and around the area of Caberette, Dominican Republic.


What’s included in the registration fee?

We want your trip to be as easy on you as possible.

That’s why we provide the following so you don’t have to:

  • Lodging during the week

  • All meals, except travel meals and snacks

  • Pre-trip training to prepare before we do our mission

  • Experienced mission-minded leaders

  • Fundraising ideas and support


Who can participate?

High School Students and young adults along with one parent, grandparent, or trusted adult in their life.


How many adults are attending?

Adults (age 20 and above) are a critical part of the

experience because they help provide safety, relationships, spiritual guidance, and discipline.We are seeking to bring one adult for each family represented. One of the unique aspects of this trip is the attempt to partner teens in service with members of their family or trusted adults in their lives. Additionally we have other adults serving in country during the same time period.


What about transportation?

We will be arranging transportation for our group to the airport from within the people represented. Some families may be asked to drive as they are able. During the week we use local transportation in country.


Where do we stay?

Lodging is provided at a secure all inclusive resort that serves ‘americanized’ food.  Rooms will be organized on a case by case basis. There is a common eating area, and shared program area.

What does your typical day look like?


There will be a team meeting each morning to go over the service opportunities for the day which may include:




Community Outreach

Worship Services


When do I have to pay?

Fundraising takes time, and sometimes more than one effort, so we’ve broken your trip into

4 payments to cover the $750 cost (before Fundraising efforts – total trip cost is  roughly $1800/participant):



  • A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required no later than the end of JUNE 2023

  • Earlier is better to ensure one of the limited spots belongs to you (We cannot hold your seat without a deposit - SO IDEALLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - DO NOT WAIT UNTIL JUNE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT)

PAYMENT #2 – SEPTEMBER 24th, 2023

  • $200 – Due at September Meeting

PAYMENT #3 – OCTOBER 29th, 2023

  • 50% of your remaining balance is due ($200)

PAYMENT #4 – NOVEMBER 26th, 2023

  • Your remaining balance is due ($200)


Do you get trained for this mission?

Yes. Three (3) monthly Training Sessions - SEPTEMBER 24th, OCTOBER 29th, NOVEMBER 26th


How do you register & get more info?




Completion of this registration does not GUARANTEE participation in the DR Mission

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Dominican Republic 2020

Day 1: February 28th Our team has landed after a LONG - and I mean long - trip down south. However! They made it safe and sound and are excited to get serving.

Day 2: February 29th Our team took the day to settle in and see some of the communities in which they'll be working.

Day 3: March 1st Our team got the chance to finally get involved and see a bit of what they'll be doing for the week. They experienced local church - and loved it - and are excited to continue work for the rest of the week.

Day 4: March 2nd Our team got a taste of what it's like serving in the DR. Working thru translators and in ministry they get to experience what true servitude is like.

Day 5: March 3rd "Snow" day!! Who knew that school could be cancelled because of the rain. Because of this the team got to see a few sights around the DR.

Day 6: March 4th Stephen makes a rare but welcome appearance IN FRONT of the camera to speak about the day. The team spent some down time in the ocean and are, quite frankly, falling IN LOVE with the kids in their VBS!

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