Ever find that as a teenage girl the pressure to be everything to everyone is just incredibly HUGE? Not everyone can be the "disney princess", the "good church kid", the "modest lady", the "follower of Jesus", the "popular girl", the "model of beauty and perfection" that society projects, and everything else that you are told you need to be all at the same time! Some of the things that you are told aren't even worth chasing! 

But hear this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are other teen girls (and guys too) in the world that are striving to live lives that honour the God that loves them and created them for so much more than MTV wants to teach you that you are for. You are loved by God, created in His image and beautiful just the way he made you! 

Check out some of the resources below to connect with others who are living in the same tensions as you are, trying to figure out how to live with faith and integrity in a messed up world ...



There are many questions in life. And many places to get answers - some better choices than others. Here are two options:



#2. Check out this great YouTube Channel where Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke take the time to answer questions on a variety of topics using the Bible as their source of truth.

Looking for some resources to help you in your faith? Are you a smart phone user? If you answered yes to both then you need to check out NewLife for iPhone and NewLife for Android. It is a great resource for all you techies out there to grow in your faith and help others as they grow in theirs. Best of all, it's free!

There's an

App for that!

Check out The Rebelution! - The official definition is "a teenage rebellion against low expectations" - but you can't find it in any dictionary, because it is a made up word to describe a dissatisfaction with current living among a community of teens and young adults. Check out the website for many links to resources and more information on how you can be a part of a generation excited about and committed to serving God in real and tangible ways!

Here is an interesting look at the Evolution of the Swim Suit - some interesting thoughts on where our current traditions come from and how they play into the discussion of modesty in our world today. Some of these opinions are certainly contrary to the "norm" but they speak to some interesting scientific studies that researchers have been working on. Either way it is worth the nine minutes and thirty seconds of your time.

Selfie Guru's

Are you on Social Media? Likely, if you are like many people you post a large number of Photos Online - Read what this Momma of a Teenage Boy has as a request to help guide you as you share your life with the online world.
Check It Out Here

A humorous video that looks at modesty using a parody of a familiar song.