Day 1 and Day 2 - NYC Mission 2018

Day 1 - Saturday, March 3

With an early morning and a fairly easy time getting across the boarder, we were on our way to NYC! New friendships and many stops made for a perfect opportunity to learn more about each other as our team comes together. Time spent chatting, napping, and finding out our love languages made the long drive a bit better. We enjoyed seeing the city skyline on our drive into the city, a great time eating at Standard Burger, and seeing the Statue Liberty on the Staton Island Ferry. Long day, great people, and we are so expectant for what this week will hold.

Day 2 - Sunday, March 4

It was an early morning for us here at The Bowery Mission. Team members were in the kitchen preparing and serving breakfast and lunch and some also got to serve and experience their first chapel service here. We’ve enjoyed getting to interact with everyone here at The Bowery and can’t wait to see how those connections grow over the week. We’ve been experiencing more of the city as we learn how to navigate walking and taking public transit. Another one of our highlights today was worshipping together at Hillsong Church New York. We’ve been challenged, encouraged, and stretched today and it’s only our first full day in the city. God has a plan for our time here and as we learn to love Him and love others more, we are excited to see how He wants to use us to carry out this plan

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