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January 27th - ICE CLIMBING


Join us for an amazing day ICE CLIMBING! We will be joining Camp Shiktehawk for a great day climbing on the local ice features of Carleton County, New Brunswick! Specifically Hayes Falls. We will leave after church on the 27th of January and be back in time for UTurn Youth.

This is your chance to get a taste of climbing on ICE! For ages 11 - 18.

You will need:

- Lunch (kidding - we will be getting PIZZA on the way)

- Warm boots

- Winter Gear (snow pants, warm jacket, etc.)

- $15 Climbing fee

- Water bottle

- Backpack for gear

- AMAZING attitude

- Desire to have a good time!


Spots are limited so don't waste time! 

Ice Climbing Gear List


So you’ve signed up for ice climbing! Here is a brief gear list so you can enjoy the experience and avoid getting frost bite.


  1. Cold is cold – It doesn’t matter how tough (or dumb) the cold weather will win and you will suffer. Dress as if you are going to the North Pole in a blizzard!


Feet – Warm winter boots & warm winter socks.


Legs – I am a big fan of leopard skin pants but save those for the catwalk. (did you see what I did then) Wear three layers, a base layer such as long johns, then a mid layer for warmth like fleece pants and then a waterproof layer.

If you have snow pants they will work as well as they have the last two layers in one.


Torso – As with the legs dressing in layers is best as it traps warm air made by your body and keeps you warm so wear none cotton layers such as base layers, warm mid layers such as fleece jackets and then a rain jacket over top.


Other stuff – Warm hat & mitts or gloves. Your gloves must be water proof. Sunglasses or snow goggles are also a good idea to bring if you have them. Most of the time we are in the woods but if the sun shines on the snow then it can get very bright.


  1. You need water and snacks - Bring sugary goodness with you as it will keep you warm from the inside out. Fruit will freeze and be miserable to eat so chocolate, cookies and sugary snacks are great to bring along. Bring a water bottle (make sure it’s full) for a drink as well.  

  2. If you have a small plastic sled and a back pack bring those along as we can put bags in the sled and drag it into the falls. Dragging a sled is the easy option if we have lots of snow.

  3. Bring a camera – You will have the chance to get lots of cool shots so make sure you bring along a phone. It could get wet so be careful!

  4. Medication – If you have any medication you need such as asthma inhalers, epi-pens, etc. Please bring them with you and let your youth leader and Camp Shikethawk staff know so we can keep medication from freezing and thus able to be used in an emergency.