We all have uncertainties moving forward this fall, for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is the continued uncertainty of the pandemic.

The leadership at Jacksonville Baptist is trying to determine the best way to move forward this fall. One of the key questions before us is:

“How do we best provide for Worship and Fellowship?”

As the church, called to love One Another, bear with One Another, submit to One Another…

…we need to remember:

1. That whatever we think about the pandemic and society’s response to it, there are others who feel quite differently.

2. In order to obey the One Another’s, we need to approach this question with humility towards others and with grace. It is NOT about who is right.

But we also expect you to be honest about your comfort level regarding gathering in public places right now.

SO: With that in mind, would you give us a sense of how you are feeling about “Worship Attendance” this fall.

Please read each question carefully in the survey. If that statement applies to you- indicate that as your response. but only if the whole statement applies.

Thank you for your help!